I use MarsEdit to write blog posts and SmugMug to manage online images. Unfortunately, MarsEdit, supporter of flickr integration, lacks connectivity with SmugMug. Enter SmugNDrag.

SmugNDrag automates the generation of image links suitable for blogging: an embedded image which when clicked navigates to the full image in the SmugMug gallery. It understands SmugMug naming convention to render the correct image size and can optionally populate the image description.


It's pretty straight forward to use, simply navigate to the desired image at SmugMug in your browser and copy the url to SmugNDrag. The resulting url is copied to the pasteboard similar to the Share functionality at SmugMug, only with a richer link.

It's available here. Feedback welcomed. If you use it, post your blog in the comments.

Categories: development  photography 
Tags: cocoa  osx  smugmug  smugndrag 
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