A face-full of spider webs as I hunt for a carpet of mushrooms confirms fall's arrival.

forest floor of mushrooms

This banded spider, weaving away on a rhododendron, was kind enough to pose for photos.

banded garden spider running away

On Saturday I volunteered with the TWL in preparation for the Harvest Fair. Bart and I moved about five truck loads of brush from one side of the farm to another — Bart on the tractor, I loading with the pitchfork. In the process we unearthed at least half-a-dozen mice, a baby frog and a newt — the eyes of a newt must have been the influence for Gollum's. I really found the eyes mesmerizing — it's no wonder so many magic potions call for their inclusion, they are other-wordly.

Unfortunately, the rain kept the camera under cover and I only managed the two weak shots.

pile with tractor truck filled with brush

If you're coming out to the Fair look for me driving one of the tractors or pressing cider. Enjoy!

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