Billy the Goat, fittingly (let's see: the Badgers lost twice in a row with leads in the fourth quarter and the Cubs and White Sox got bounced from the playoffs (go Red Sox!)), traveled today on the big boat. morning sun

After yesterday's driving rain, the blazing sun this morning was quite enjoyable.

goat in eagle harbor

Billy doesn't weigh much, so because of the wind I had to string his little arms into the railing to get the shot of the sailboats bouncing in Eagle Harbor.

goat in national building goat on steps at national building

I love the floor in the National Building, one of the hundreds of buildings in Seattle crafted from old growth fir and brick.

goat at mae phim

Lunch at Mae Phim Thai is like a scene out of Seinfeld. The cashier talks into a mic which spills out on to the street "21 spicy! 21 spicy! $6.50!" interlacing order up and order taking. The food is great, do go.

goat at port of seattle

Almost every day a giant container ship crosses through the Sound bound or departing from the Port of Seattle. Raised in the Midwest, I never witnessed such enormous vessels and I'm awe something so huge can float. Unfortunately I didn't see one on the way home today — perhaps another day.

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