My silence of late is attributable to having spent the better part of last week at eBay attending the Next-Generation Distributed Systems Summit. I was fortunate, in time and invitation, to attend, meet some really amazing technologists and learn a Tremendous amount (thanks Little Bear). I'm still consolidating my final notes and thoughts on the Summit so expect another post soon.

In the interim, enjoy some sunset photos from my travels with Pierre.

From time to time I'm reminded not everyone is up to speed on the travel-with-animals story: my daughter sends an animal along with me anytime I venture out on the "big boat" — I photograph our adventures and share the love. pierre at ebay

Thank you eBay, and in particular Randy, for hosting such an outstanding event.

pierre with rainier

Pierre poses with Mt Rainier in the background.

pierre with sun pierre sitting on the deck with the sun

Pierre basking in the setting sun.

pierre at stanford pierre with the stanford S

I found a bit of time to stop by one of our country's more beautiful and influential universities: Stanford.

pierre on bench sun, water, swirl lots of sky sun, water, mountains

I love being out on the boat at sunset — I think it beats sunrise.

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