We had some fantastic weather today and I had a couple hours in the afternoon with nothing to do so I strolled around the yard making photos.

blue skies and trees

Evidence of the blue skies in Seattle in November.

moss and stone

Moss and stone.

weigela and bug

I'm really enthralled with the weigela leaves as they turn. The pale green and yellow rimmed in red coupled with the wavy forms work for me. Hello little bug.

hydrangea and maple

We have a number of really large maples whose bright red leaves descend to cover the spent hydrangeas. This photo feels too busy but I like it nonetheless.

blueberry and leaves blueberry and weeds (-saturation)

I removed hundreds of pounds of Herb Robert this year only for a new weed to cover the ground. The red of the fallen blueberry leaves complements the tiny green buds of our new visitor. I can't decide which photo I prefer, the original or the more processed variety.


While all the other plants are busy shedding their summer coats, the camillas burst forth with one more show of color and vitality.

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