In a departure from our usual naturalizing, I persuaded the family to attend the Battle of Port Gamble, a Civil War reenactment in Port Gamble, an event type we had never before attended.

equestrian parade

It started innocently enough with an Equestrian Parade over the battle field.

Then the problems started. I should have realized the guns would be loud, but they were LOUD — the canons literally shook the earth when they fired, startling my daughter to tears. My wife and daughter departed for an ice cream cone while I stayed behind to shoot some photos. I was not alone; I had no idea these events attracted such a large contingent of expensive camera gear.

the north shooting at the south

Let the battle begin.


I love this photo. I don't remember seeing the girl in the middle when I was shooting but when I was going through the photos it really jumped out at me. I love how she's standing so innocently among the battle.


The battlefield as the end of the Northern victory was secured.

fiddle guitar

The camp after the battle was lively with food over open fires and musicians playing our favorite Southern music.

I'm happy we went, but I don't think we'll be going again, not because the event wasn't well staged but rather that's enough loud noises for a while — back to the woods, mountains and birds for us.

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