July, July!


there is a road that meets the road

that goes to my house

and how the green grows there

-- Decemberists


Our nation's independence celebration appears to harken the arrival of strawberries and raspberries and this year was no exception. The first couple of tayberries are also showing color and the blueberries' luxuriant green should be giving way to deep blue shortly. We love this time of year.

raspberry blueberries deer

Our bounty is in spite of the fact a deer got through the electric fence (since patched) and helped itself to some greenery, fortunately leaving the fruit for us.

pac choi

The vegetables are coming along as well with the peas just short of flowering, the potatoes already there and the pac choi ready for dinner.

Fruits and vegetables aren't the only vegetation we have growing in the yard.

shaggy parasol

Last year the Shaggy Parasols were out in full force a couple of months sooner — perhaps our cold and rainy spring kept them from popping earlier?


The last of the foxgloves took a beating in the thunderstorms we had last week.


And finally, what's an update without a bee photo, this one landing on some lavender.

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