Hours and hours of yard work have kept us close to home this weekend and last but I wanted to get in a short hike, no matter how short. At my reading group I was told about a beach access trail I hadn't traveled so my daughter and I set out on Saturday morning to check it out.

The trail starts down Skinner Road just west of Battle Point Park. There's no parking along the road so if you're driving park at Battle Point. Walk along Skinner Road until you can just see the fences in the distance.

start of trail

This is silly. If I lived on either side I'd probably do the same but nonetheless this walk felt weird.

trail through fences beach through fences

The views weren't very good because of the low clouds (it rained both days this weekend). I suspect on a clear day the Olympics are pretty visible. Expect to see some sunset photos posted in the near future if this turns out to be true. The rock wall to the North stands as yet another fence — if that wasn't enough the sign was posted on both sides.

left right sign

Despite the extremely narrow park we had a good time because we found this little yellow shore crab nestled under a rock my daughter upturned. It looked right up at us and then scurried away with my daughter in pursuit. We let it go — but it was another entry in the budding naturalists' log.

peaking out sneaking out shoe running away

I encouraged my daughter to run all the way back along the mulched trail then I carried her back to Battle Point where we played on the freshly painted equipment and watched the red-tailed hawks, osprey and Canada geese fly about — another day on Beautiful Bainbridge Island.

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