Just a quiet day in perfect weather doing yard work: mowing the lawn, transplanting day lilies and checking on the garden.

Ripe, purple plums needed picking so out came the ladder and in the box went the plums. Last year's harvest still needs bottling — this year's will enjoy the same destiny.


A few tayberries were ripe so I was picking and eating — some came with bugs. I wish I still had the macro lens.

tayberry with bug

I ate a couple of blueberries but their season is rapidly ending.


Mushrooms are everywhere: singles, clusters, large and small.


I almost stepped on this guy while I was taking out the compost. Fortunately he was looking for me and hopped away but he stayed still long enough to grab the camera and fire off a shot before hiding again.

cascade frog

I wasn't the only one tired from the day's work.


Go Badgers!

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