When it rains, it pours — literally and figuratively. I left the house today in a pretty steady rain, managed to get about a mile from home and then stopped. My rear tire, fine on Friday and over the weekend, went flat! After a quick cyclocross run home, Pig and I made the next boat. Ugh.

pig waiting in the morning

Pig and I never made it out of the office today, sorry Pig, you get a raincheck.

pig with fire boat

Walking from the office to the ferry I saw two fire trucks, an ambulance and two squad cars all with their lights and sirens raging by a popular hangout for the homeless. With poles out and everyone hanging over the side looking down into the water it was pretty clear what had transpired. Shortly after I took the photo of Pig with the fire boat, the second boat arrived and confirmed what I suspected.

tanker on the horizon

That's a huge cargo tanker in the distance, trust me, it's huger in person, the Sound is big.

goodnight bainbridge sunset with sailboat

The late boat in meant the late boat home — my first sunset as a full-time commuter.

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