Polar Bear was chosen as today's ambassador for the great stuffed animal collection. While we've been experiencing some really heavy rains recently courtesy of a Pineapple Express today wasn't so bad. I'm a bit of foul weather junkie so this weather suits me for the most part.

polar bear in seattle

I had two different people smile while I was propping up Polar Bear, one asking if I was a member of the Polar Bear Club (I'm not) and the other offered that she "won't even ask".


I'm cheating a bit — I took this photo last Friday. If you squint you can see the submarine returning from duty. My familiarity with submarines is generally limited to what I know of those built in Manitowoc, WI (well and The Hunt for Red October) and I never saw those in action — it's remarkable to me to be so close to one on active duty.

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