In the post about the Mountaineers' photography show I referenced two photos I really enjoyed. Jason took both and is kind enough to let me post them.


This one is crazy and deserving winner of Humor in the Outdoors though it sounds as scary as humorous. As I wrote yesterday, her hair is standing on end because of residual electricity from a lightning strike — yikes! Look at the top of the photo and you can see one of Mt Ellinor's famous mountain goats. I hiked this trail with my dad hoping to see the goats but didn't — I'm determined to photograph them.

piper's bellflower

On the same trip with my dad an old-timer watched me taking photographs and motioned for me to follow him, which I did. He leaned down and proudly displayed a cluster of Piper's Bellflowers growing nestled against some rocks. This particular flower grows only in the Olympic Mountains and we had fortunate timing to see it in bloom.



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