We've been doing most of our walking lately in The Grand Forest and wanted a change of pace but still close to home. Fortunately, the Bloedel Reserve's appointments are easy to come by in the winter on late notice so off to the Reserve went we.

First order of business accomplished, my daughter's discovery of the perfect walking stick for each of us, we embarked.

mansion by the lake

The willow isn't dripping in green as it does in the summer, but the orange reflecting in the water still draws the eye.

branches in the sky

The branches of the old tree growing next to the mansion produced some cool lines against the overcast skies (by day's end we had glorious blue!).


We don't see too many birches but I fondly recall peeling the bark off the one in my yard as a child. This small grove behind the house stands out for both the bark and the sense of space it offers after emerging from the native woods.

walking path

The path to the Japanese Garden invites even in winter.

dark blue berries

When I spotted these berries I was excited for the small burst of color for which I'd been waiting. The rhodys are budding but the wait for their spring color continues.

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