Some time ago I read a review about Window Seat and it stuck in my head. I was on a plane this morning and decided to try my hand.

I was fortunate to get a window (I generally choose an aisle) or this would have been a bit more difficult. Of course the wing over which I sat interfered with a clear, wide shot but the wing does help with the composition. At one point, while I was getting ready to shoot, we hit some severe turbulence which made the chop shooting the eagles feel placid. The photos aren't geocoded, bummer — it would have been cool to set the exif altitude data. The photos also required some significant post-processing to remove the over-saturated blues.


The Cascades have a number of volcanoes which just pop up out of the ground in isolation, unlike more contiguous mountain ranges — it's kinda cool to see from the sky — pop, pop, pop!

rainier from a plane

I'm almost positive this is Rainier, but it's from a vantage point I'm not familiar.

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