In my last post I created a panorama by stitching a number of photographs together with DoubleTake. One problem with creating synthetic images is they lack the geo data I embed in the rest of the photographs from my GPS' track log. I figured the always excellent exiftool could accomplish copying the data so it would be visible in Lightroom but I wasn't entirely sure how. After some trial-and-error this worked:

$ exiftool -tagsfromfile Z09023676.dng -@ geotags.txt marmotpass.tiff

where geotags.txt is a list of all the tags to copy from the source image Z09023676.dng to the destination image marmotpass.tiff:


If you forgot to turn on the GPS for some portion of the shoot (hmmm) but happened to shoot from the same location at another time, remove the date and time related fields and apply the same approach.

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Tags: exiftool  geocode  gps 
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