No animals were harmed in the making of this Art — but it was close.

Ironically, my daughter offered some advice this morning she had never before proffered: "Daddy, be safe on the big boat!"

Down the driveway and up to the road I pedaled with Curious George tucked safely away to cheers of "Bye, bye Curious George!" He spent most of the day in my bag but his opportunity for further fame arrived on my daily walk for an afternoon espresso at my favorite local coffeehouse, Zeitgeist.

curious george at zeitgeist

Hands off the coffee George!

Back on the boat for the ride home CG decided to soak in the sun and pose with the Olympics visible on the horizon.

curious george and the Olympic Mountains

It was at this moment, with the wind blowing off the Sound, that CG almost got me in trouble as he toppled backwards flying toward the deck below. Fortunately for all parties, years spent honing the "no look" binkie catch paid off and I snagged CG before his escape completely materialized — troubly monkey!

curious george with the Seattle skyline

One more photograph and back in the bag before he could get into any more trouble.

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