Of all my daughter's animals, I'm most fond of Pierre. He's quiet, cute and small enough to fit in my backpack, important because I opted to ride my road bike today on what might be one of the last warm, dry days of the year. Because I had limited space, this was the first time I interfered with my daughter's wishes, choosing not to take Gus — maybe tomorrow buddy.

Another stunning sunrise greeted the morning commuters.

morning light from the ferry

While I photographed the rising sun, Pierre opted for a quick sit on the handlebars.

pierre on my bike

Not to be outdone by CG, Pierre, some guys from work and I took the bus to Pike Market for lunch — for those who care (no one I'm sure) this means I am no longer a Seattle bus virgin.

Lunch: Uli's Famous Sausages. On the way out one of the guys from work suggested Pierre sit atop Rachel, the Pike Market piggy bank — I concurred.

pierre at uli's pierre on the pig

Thanks Pierre!

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