On a perfect September day under glorious blue skies — what a change from last year's heavy rains — we enjoyed the Trust for Working Landscapes' biggest annual event: Harvest Fair. The Fair, replete with fun & food, is many a family's favorite Island event, perfect Americana in my book.

people milling about pie contest

Slides, swing, fun

Slides & swings kept the kids entertained.

slide down the chute slide in action big swing


What celebration of farming would be complete without animals?

petting a rabbit horse ride chicken

Four years of growth sheared off in ten minutes. Like many aspects of farming, sheep shearing is not as idyllic once witnessed in person.

sheep being sheared raw wool


The highlight of the Fair for me (and many, many kids) is the fresh-made cider. The community is encouraged to press their own apples and turn the crank a couple of times.

cider stand

Raw material.

raw material apples waiting to be pressed

The apples go into the hopper where they are mashed to make the pressing easier.

filling the hopper

Turn the crank (from an old boat trailer) and out comes the juice.

kids loved the apple press

Apple mash compost.

apple mash

When it comes to apples, almost everyone wants to lend a hand harvesting.

child picking apples


Cider is good and beer is too! Ed and I imbibed courtesy TWL for our efforts volunteering both at the Fair and in its preparation. The beer garden was new this year — I suspect given the crowds it will be back.

hale's ales beer garden

Oh, and we ate s'mores too … yum!

yum … s'mores

On the walk home, when asked how she liked the Fair, my daughter responded: "Too much sun, too much play, too much horsey-back rides." Can you ask for anything more? Thanks TWL!

Here it is: I love, and feel blessed, to live here.

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