Sadly no animal shared the morning commute with me today. At dinner, it occurred to my daughter she had forgotten to send an animal and explained she could not provide one at that moment because she was "not wearing pajamas" — tomorrow perhaps.

I was able to take some photos on the way into work. I struggled with the bright sun blowing out the sky in some of the photos — well, and the fact my heart rate needed controlling to take anything close to steady.

eagle harbor wyatt ferry lines

Cars in queue for the ferry.

deep cloud cover

I missed the shot I really wanted. As we were riding on a cargo ship crossed through the Sound and had the sun directly overhead but unfortunately we needed to load about a minute sooner to pull it off. It was pretty wild to watch the clouds sink and leave only the small sliver of sunlight.

boats in the afternoon

Sailboats enjoying the fleeting afternoon light.

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