The animals arrive pre-packaged now, nestled in their stuff sack, so I wasn't exactly sure who made the trip this morning.


Puget Sound, sunrise, skyline, ferry — I've yet to grow tired of the view though my fellow BIGeeks assure me I might.

waiting to depart ferry through the sides

Say "hi" to Honey Bunny and Turtle as they await the departure of the boat; through the railing you can see a passing ferry on its way to Bremerton.

main st gyros sleeping turtle

The pair went to lunch with me at Main St Gyros. Greek food in Seattle, in particular falafel, can't touch Chicago — certainly high on the list of items I miss from the Windy City — though the "fighting brothers" do make a decent one.

It started to rain on the ride home and I didn't feel like getting up to take another shot so you're looking at Turtle staring at the city skyline out the window of the quiet room. More than once now I've had other passengers give me a smile when I pull out an animal, set it up and shoot — today being no exception.

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