"There's the polar bear. The polar bear is on the big boat. The polar bear is eating."

Every night when I bring the photos home from the day's adventure, my daughter, wife and I lay on our bellies while my daughter flips through the photos offering her own play-by-play.

sunrise seattle skyline polar bar on side of boat

Damn we have some fine sunrises.

polar bear at cherry street cafe polar bear laying on the ferry floor

Clearly the polar bear is some kind of lounger, chilling on the boat both to and fro and waiting while I order lunch at Cherry Street Coffee House.

Love and kindness works every day.

-- quote on the mirror at Cherry Street Coffee House

BTW, I'm quite pissed off at Dreamhost — if you've experienced an "Internal Server Error" my apologies (Hi Mom!) — three days out of four is not making me happy. Does anyone have a hosting provider they like?
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