TWL, Board, me.


The amount of time spent volunteering has been one of the great changes in our lives since moving. For me, it's usually either maintaining the forest trails or helping with farm work on behalf of the Trust for Working Landscapes.

For the TWL I've recently participated in a couple of different parties:

day road irrigation project
Day Road irrigation,
deconstructing the greenhouses
harvest fair
and, of course, Harvest Fair.

I enjoy being outside, giving back to the community and definitely love the food. When my wife wants work done around the yard she refers to it as a "work party" to encourage my participation.

Now I'm involved at a level I've never before experienced — last night I was elected a voting member of the TWL Board. I'm looking forward to more involvement in this organization as I really value its principles. I'm a firm believer in sustainable agriculture, fear the industrial food supply which feeds most of the US and want to promote local food & farming efforts.

Some reading if you're interested:

If you know of others please comment.

Eat locally, eat well.

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