On Sunday, off-island ventured the budding naturalists — with dreams of sticks, water, mountains, birds and fun — to Scenic Beach State Park.


The afternoon started with a great picnic and views of the Olympics — the clouds and fog added an early eery feel.


We were soon greeted by some kayakers with whom my daughter engaged in a waving and "Hi!" competition while we finished eating.


The material on the park website referred to the scenic, clear-day views of the Olympics — we were not disappointed. As the sun burned off the morning clouds the views got more and more majestic.


For my daughter, the beach was everything, she got to play with sticks, oyster shells, leaves, rocks, a fish skeleton and of course wading mid-boot into the Sound.

through the bushes arbor

On the state park property is the Emel House, built in 1911, and situated with million dollar views of the Hood Canal and Olympics. The house just oozes with rustic romance: a huge stone chimney, sweeping views of mountains & water, huge green lawns with wild rhodies and the feeling that not so long ago you were alone in the world here.


Railing with leaves and moss — I'm apparently into bright green moss.



purple house and dock

The town of Seabeck has a small general store and diner which appeared to be doing decent business — I loved the look-at-me paint job.

If you're looking for a place to go in Kitsap County I highly recommend Scenic Beach, especially for kids. I've since seen some spectacular sunset photos taken there and I'm looking forward to adding some to my own collection.



Some time ago, I wrote about my issues with DoubleTake but I decided to give it a try again and this time I achieved much better results. The two biggest differences were:

  • shooting in manual mode to fully control the shutter speed and aperture, more importantly ensuring they were the same for all shots
  • using a tripod

I was happy enough with this photo to again consider purchasing a license.

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