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I returned to the Day Road farms last Sunday for my first Farm Walk.

The walk, 2.2 miles in total, covered a number of different properties under various stages of development, from actively being farmed to actively being reclaimed by the forest.

tower and vines

We started at the farm stand and made our first stop at the historic water tower recently moved from Winslow.

pumpkin patch and eagle

The pumpkin field, tilled and covered in snow, under the watchful eye of a bald eagle (the black speck near the top of the tall tree).


Betsey Wittick, of Laughing Crow Farm, uses horses in lieu of tractors for hauling and other field work — it's a site to behold.

walking through the snow

The group made its way past Betsey's fields toward Akio Suyematsu's raspberries growing in rows and, like us, standing tall against the winter cold and snow.

m & e

On to M & E and the site of yesterday's work party — looking much the same except for the blanket of snow.


Snow makes an evergreen more majestic.

morales from perennial

From M & E to Perennial Vintners — the view to the South takes in the Morales property, new home of the greenhouse.


The Morales property offers hope of affordable housing for farmers and farming interns though much work, time and money will be needed to bring that future to fruition.

I really enjoyed the walk and intend to make this a seasonal event.

(Check out color photos of the same walk at the TWL website.)

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