Snow, ski, lake.

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snow in the yard

As a kid, I fancied myself an Olympic caliber cross-country skier — I wasn't, but I fancied it anyway. I would sneak out of the house during snow storms to ski at the nearby golf course while pretending I was Josh Thompson, America's biathlon hero.

For various reasons, not the least of which named "Chicago," I haven't skied much over the years. Since moving here I've been longing to get some skiing in and today longing became reality.

So after a morning of playing in the snow with the family, a trip to the attic and a quick waxing I set out for a short ski.

red barn

I pass by this barn a lot when I run and had never seen it in the snow. The red really stood out in the still heavy snowfall. I found it was a bit tricky to photograph in the snow, on skis, along the road. Biathlon is about pegging your heart rate and then calming yourself enough to shoot a rifle accurately — it wasn't a rifle I was shooting but it was functionally equivalent.

apples like ornaments

The apples still on the tree look like ornaments.

gazzam lake park

My destination, Gazzam Lake Park, is home to bear, owls, coyotes and a lake.

skis in the lake

And, here's the swamp lake. Notice the ski tracks going into the lake, they are not mine. Since I hadn't skied in so long I wasn't absolutely confident in my ability to stop in time from what's a pretty decent descent from the trail to the lake so I took my skis off and hiked down — clearly someone else should have thought it through too.

snow II snow III

After the Lake I skied over to where I know there's an owl's nest but saw no activity. I took a couple more photos, feared my camera was getting too wet, it was getting too dark and headed home.

On the way there were no cars coming so I skate skied right down the middle of the snow covered road. Just shy of home a car appeared so I went over to the side to give them room. As they passed I could see the passenger had been taking photos of me skiing down the road.

I love living here.

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