On of BI's annual events occurred this weekend: the Bainbridge Island Chinese New Year Parade. Parades aren't really our thing, as a kid I didn't care for them and my daughter seems to be following right along. We had some friends coming to visit however and the parade seemed like a great place to meet and catch up.

picture taking

On the way from the car to the parade grounds my daughter needed some coaxing — she loves to take photos so out came the camera. She's perfected holding it to her eye and pressing the shutter but her hand holding needs work.

chinese dragon

After meeting our friends at the "big boat" and we ventured back to Winslow just in time for the big show, the dragon. It didn't go so well. No matter how much we tried to remind her about Percy and the Dragon it was to no avail — we had to bail on the parade.

big red ball

While we didn't enjoy the dragon she did like the big red ball — but from a distance.

Strangely, this morning started with "Daddy, I want to see the dragon picture — and the ball." The photo of the deer in our yard has been her all time most requested photo but I have a feeling the dragon is going to be in hot pursuit.

polka dot puppy

Finally, in a departure from the regular animal-with-dad story line, Polka Dot Puppy rode on my backpack and posed for some candid portraits while we ate. I kinda like Polka Dot Puppy, he's no Pierre but something about him works for me.

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