Big Puppy.

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This is not the Big Puppy, my daughter's absolute favorite animal, but his backup. Big Puppy recently started showing the signs any animal would if he weighed five plus pounds and was carried everywhere, usually in a stranglehold about his neck. My wife and I decided acquiring a backup would be a prudent decision, especially considering the Huge size was no longer available in the catalogs.

big puppy peeking out

I recalled having seen a Big Puppy in the window of Magic Mouse so I went over at lunch to pick one up — I didn't recall it being so clean and soft! The clerk asked if someone had told us to get a second — just in case — but it was entirely our idea. He told me they get someone in once a week frantically looking for a replacement "it needs to be EXACTLY the same, she'll KNOW!".

big puppy sitting on the boat

I hope it never comes to it but we have BP II safely hidden in case of emergency. BTW, my advice to any other stuffed-animal-toting-cyclists, buy your kid lighter varieties, Big Puppy strained the legs a bit on the ride home.

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