I've been busy, extremely busy, of late so I'm seriously behind in posting some photos. Let's play catch-up.

So what have we been up to?

woman in background canoes and kayaks

My daughter and I went to the beach, she played with sticks in the surf, I chased after her, we built a fort and shot photos.

row cover in mixed sun

It's been snowing a lot here! We're kinda tired of it. In a desperate move to get some fresh greens started we decided to give row covering a shot. It's richly rewarding to see the row covered bed in the orchard and we're particularly proud that all the material (PVC pipe and plastic) is recycled!

baby greens!

So while seeing the bed is cool, peeking inside and seeing baby greens is even better.

purple crocus white crocus

The poor crocus can't decide what the hell to do with this spring's bizarre weather. They open, it snows, they stay closed, it rains.

Speaking of bizarre weather, while watching Cliff Mass give a presentation about his book, The Weather of the Pacific Northwest, at the local bookstore, the audience was treated to rain literally moving horizontally down Winslow Way!

Later, on the way to pick up dinner (we lost power twice, two hours each time), I saw a Douglas-fir limb hanging from a power line smoldering. I decided I'd take the photo on the way back — by the time I got back we'd lost power again and the limb, perhaps the cause, had stopped smoking. I'm apparently not much of a photojournalist.

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