I open the window shade, lean over to my daughter and ask if she can see the mountain, "I can Daddy!" It's the first flight she might remember and it's just fantastic to see her enthusiasm for "flying taller than Daddy."

shasta and engine

I don't actually enjoy flying, I'd rather take a train, but since I need to fly on occasion I'm making the best of it. Virgin America's engines are an awesome red — really striking against the blues and whites in the sky.

space needle and olympics

The Olympics, Space Needle, Bainbridge … almost home! Some day I might do a post on the post-processing required for shooting out of plane windows. This photo is in my top ten for what-it-looks-now-compared-to-where-we-started.

seattle, rainier, wing

I couldn't get the exposure on this photo to work out as well as I'd like but it's pretty neat nonetheless with the cityscape, Elliott Bay and Rainier all framed by the wing.

musrooms in a row

Back home in more comfortable surroundings, photographing mushrooms. One of my favorite snag trees on our property fell in the wind storm a couple of weeks ago and landed right between two cedars. I borrowed a chain-saw to clear it and noticed these little mushrooms — after dropping the snag I went back for the camera.

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