Flowers, bees, owl.


Lots of yard work today: ferns to prune, blackberries and weeds to pull, naps under the midday sun. I recall making blackberry pies in Illinois and paying $15 for the primary ingredient — here the blackberry is an invasive weed.

rhody and bee

Our rhododendrons are in spectacular form with brilliant colors and buzzing with bees.

barred owl

On the way to my yard waste pile I noticed out of the corner of my eye a slight movement. At first I thought it was a plastic bottle somehow stuck in the tree — instead it was a barred owl. I was pretty excited about it because I thought I had been hearing one in the mornings but hadn't seen one.

I went back to the house, grabbed my camera and in the fading day light managed to get a couple of shots.

I love living here.

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