I just released version 0.4 of pysmug and I’m pretty happy with the additional functionality.

The most significant additions to the ChangeLog referenced in my previous post are the migration of examples to tests and the overhauled configuration file format for pysmug.login().


I’m generally a proponent of testing but since so much of pysmug is dependent on SmugMug services I added examples rather than tests. That’s changed with v0.4 – the examples have either been converted to code in SmugTool and/or migrated to a test case. I took the opportunity to learn nose and I’m not upset with the decision. When I switched from in-function preparing of SmugMug-style parameters names to using a decorator it was nice to have the tests to back me up.

configuration file format

The original configuration file format was evaled Python code. I was never perfectly happy with this approach and when I needed to add the ability to choose the class to instantiate in pysmug.login() I took the opportunity to change it. You can read more about the changes here.

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