While clearing the undergrowth in a small section of the woods on my property a very brightly yellow colored mushroom stem caught my eye. I didn’t recall having seen this mushroom before so I went inside, grabbed the camera and took some photos (sorry about the flash).

Since one mushroom in my yard usually means many more are hiding I started poking around the usual spots and uncovered some more including one with a very bright white cap which was visually striking against the dark, decaying wood. It’s either my first Black-eyed Parasol (Lepiota atrodisca) or a Leucocoprinus brebissonii – please don’t trust my identifications.

Nearby I found another cluster of brightly stemmed mushrooms but I think these are unlike the first observation and were found under different conditions.

In trying to identify my mushrooms I stumbled upon Mushroom Observer - a rather cool site to upload photos of your observations and get assistance correctly identifying them. Since I’m constantly finding new mushrooms I’m looking forward to using this site. Feel free to check out my maybe-atrodisca observation and/or my soon-to-be growing list of observations.

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