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We patiently await the arrival of the sun to summit Mt Baker.

Mt Baker with the sun minutes from cresting its flanks.

Early morning light rolling through the Olympic Mountains.

I think this is perhaps my favorite photo of the set for the lighting and the concerns of the grouse as it contemplates another day – and also because I shot this from the driver’s seat.

The deer are everywhere and not at all timid among the visitors. I like how the ears of the deer are mirrored by the trees in the background.


The photo of the tree is one of my bigger disappointments because I was too lazy to use the tripod so the shot is anything but crisp though fortunately the colors work if the image is small enough.

The wildflowers at Hurricane Hill were really incredible and I enjoyed them more in the morning than the previous evening.

Sunlight brings another beautiful clear day to the Olympics. While the rest of the Mountaineers head back for naps to rest up for the night shot I’m off to Heather Park and then home.

More photos from the morning shoot are available here. The last of the series will be from my hike to Heather Park.

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