Red hangs out on a sunflower at the farm

As I was leaving to go to the farm this morning to do some maintenance, my daughter yelled at me to wait. She ran to her room and came back with Red to “keep me company” – it’s been quite a while since I’ve travelled with an animal.

big puppy sitting on the boat

This is not the Big Puppy, my daughter’s absolute favorite animal, but his backup. Big Puppy recently started showing the signs any animal would if he weighed five plus pounds and was carried everywhere, usually in a stranglehold about his neck. My wife and I decided acquiring a backup would be a prudent decision, especially considering the Huge size was no longer available in the catalogs.

pierre with rainier

My silence of late is attributable to having spent the better part of last week at eBay attending the Next-Generation Distributed Systems Summit. I was fortunate, in time and invitation, to attend, meet some really amazing technologists and learn a Tremendous amount (thanks Little Bear). I’m still consolidating my final notes and thoughts on the Summit so expect another post soon.

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