yellow pine cone

My daughter and I decided on a short walk through the Grand Forest East on Sunday to look for signs of spring. Along the way we found what my daughter is calling a “yellow pine cone” growing under some ferns. I have no idea what this is and haven’t been able to find something similar in either my wildflower or mushroom guides.

fireworks over the ferry

We have been fortunate for the last couple of years to be invited to view the Bainbridge Island fireworks from the deck of our friends’ house overlooking Eagle Harbor. The view is stunning throughout the year but the evening of the fireworks is especially enjoyable.

kayaking eagle harbor

We’ve been extremely busy lately (work, beaches, travel, geocaching, work, beaches) but I found some time on Sunday morning to partake in an activity which sadly I have not enjoyed in many years, sea kayaking. I used to kayak infrequently but I always took pleasure in a long paddle in open water, be it the Apostles Islands or the St. Croix and Namekagon National Scenic Riverway. I figured moving to an island surrounded by Puget Sound would allow many possibilities to paddle. It has, I…

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