We enjoyed a beautiful day in the sun shopping the Rotary Auction and paddling in Eagle Harbor. The views of the mountains in all directions were stunningly clear which reminded me (as did our recent camping trip) of some unusual photos of Mt Rainier and the neighboring ranges I took way back in November while traveling.

calypso orchid

In need of some time in the mountains, I made a quick trip into the Olympics a couple of weekends ago to hike to the summit of Mt Zion. I left the trail head around 10 am and summited in about an hour. The views from the top were almost entirely clouded out (not quite so on the way up) but I found some calypso orchids along the trail and glacier lily at the summit. The orchid more than made up for the missed panoramic. The snow was almost completely gone, only a couple of spotty patches…

sundew from a bog

We went on a nature walk through IslandWood today with an amazing naturalist. Probably the coolest thing we saw was a Drosera species, commonly known as sundews – the green swirls with the red tentacles in the photo. What makes them cool is two-fold, they grow only in bogs and they are carnivorous!


We enjoyed a marvelously sunny weekend which commenced with a trip with some friends to Sequim’s Lavender Festival. Unfortunately, from a photographic perspective, it was a bit too sunny with too many people and I had a hard time finding pictures I wanted. The photo above reminds me a bit of some scotch broom and a shed I photographed last summer.

ghost plant

My daughter and I enjoyed a great hike in the woods this morning and happened upon a new wildflower for us: Monotropa uniflora, also known as Ghost Plant or Indian Pipe. Through the otherwise dark and green forest these flowers really popped out against the ground. At first I thought they were some sort of candystick or pinesap like I saw on my hike to Heather Park but closer inspection showed otherwise. The photo above used no flash – it took your eyes some adjusting to see them clearly…

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